6 Great Reasons to Take Up Running this Summer

by VIP Crew on May 21, 2012

As warmer temps signal summer is close, it’s hard not to notice the growing number of people abandoning the treadmill for a run outdoors. It’s a migration we can count on every spring. But if you are new to running or have never run, the thought of joining all these other runners on the same sidewalks or trails can be intimidating. Rightfully so: Especially if you are on the outside looking in. That’s why we’re posting six great reasons our VIPs have suggested you should take up running this summer; we want you on the inside track so you’ll have no regrets come September.

Your health. This might seem obvious and it is if you only count getting fitting and shedding pounds. But running has other benefits like improving your mental health and attitude and increasing alertness. Even the repetitive nature of your feet striking the ground trains your mind to become more focused. Plus, running is a terrific stress relief largely because of the increased volume of oxygen moving through your lungs.

Great way to be social. Running is interesting; it’s a sport you can do alone or one you can do with friends. You’ll meet and connect with people because of your shared experience of running whether you run alone or you run with a club. Either way, you’ll find your social circle expanding.

See your community. The view is quite unique when you set the pace of your exploration. At a runner’s tempo you’ll get to see your community in a different light, whether it’s meeting your neighbors or expanding your familiarity to include a trail system you didn’t know existed.

More options on places to run. Because the whole thought of taking up running can be a bit daunting, at least your motivation to get started won’t be threatened by cold weather. Summer’s mild mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings are more welcoming and your plans to run won’t be thwarted by frigid temperatures, drifting snow or strong winds. Let’s face it, we’re human: The easier something is, the more likely we’ll stick to it.

You’ll come to understand runner’s high. It’s no secret, runners never hide the fact they experience a high after a particularly satisfying run. The high is actually brought on by a release of endorphins, which, in simple terms, is a chemical that elevates mood and reduces pain. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling good and pain-free.

Running is inexpensive. Aside from buying the right running shoes and clothing, the cost to be a runner is minimal. You don’t have to invest a hefty sum in equipment or pay to play, you only have to put on your shoes and a comfortable outfit, open the door and go.

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