Glenda Borowski Running Strong!

by admin on May 30, 2012

Glenda Borowski has been a VIP for as long as she can remember and according to our records, she’s definitely an early adopter of the program. Her love affair with Road Runner Sports began when she called us one day and someone in the warehouse ran back to check inventory to be 100% sure that we had the right width shoe in stock for her. From that point on she was sold. She knew that Road Runner Sports was not just in it to sell product, but that we really care about our VIPs.

Why do you like the VIP program?
I have wide feet so I have difficulty finding shoes. I don’t know who recommended I try Road Runner Sports, but when I started ordering it was still a little waehouse in San Diego. They had phones and someone would run off and look for something that would fit me. It was that kind of customer service that made me love shopping with Road Runner Sports.

How many pairs of shoes do you buy a year?
Well I have this technique that I think has preserved my old knees. I keep track of my miles on a pair of shoes and then when I reach 300 miles, I don’t run in them any more. Then they are retired and become wear around the house and to church shoes.

How many miles do you run a week?
I am 68, so my mileage has gone down. I started running around 37-years-old and in my prime I would run about 20 miles a week at least. Now if I run too much my knees complain, and my husband gets mad if I am limping from too much running, so I have to take it easy. There aren’t many women my age out there running. I try to run 3 times a week and walk the rest of the time.

How about races?
I mainly run 5ks unless there is a really important 10k. Then I will run that. I run 9-15 miles a week. I walk 3 miles the other days. It takes me longer to put the 300 miles on my shoes these days.

Any other secrets to running longevity?
Keep your shoes in good shape! When I get home I sit on the front porch, knock the dirt out of my shoes and take the liners out. That way they don’t smell and they work well for 300 miles. I want to keep my knees in good condition and having good shoes will keep my knees working.

Do you run with a group alone?
I run alone because there are no old people out there running. All of my friends who ran in the past have had their knees rebuilt. I run with people on the weekends at races, but otherwise I just leave from home and go where I want to go. Luckily I am close to lake Michigan and there’s a road that goes along the beach that goes up and over the sand dunes.

Any running fads you think are silly?
Barefoot running. I was doing barefoot running long before it was in style because when my kids were still on the beach. I would run up and down the beach. But now I have friends who run barefoot on pavement. I am not going to do that. I am a real believer in shoes! They can protect your knees and especially if you replace your shoes regularly.

What’s so great about the VIP program?
I think their shoes are the best you can get and if they are not right you can send them back. I had a toenail that started to hurt with a pair of shoes I had, so I sent my shoes back because I thought it was the shoes. Later I realized it wasn’t the shoes it was me. But still I was refunded. I really appreciate that kind of customer service.